IF Leaders Academy was formed to meet the need for more mindful corporate and community leaders; to develop people who are committed to raising their standards of thought, language, and behavior for the greater good.

So we teach a “mindfulness method” for doing just that: for learning to pause, breathe, reflect, and do the next right thing for reasons bigger than—but not to the exclusion of—personal gain.

But our methods are not theoretical or “soft”—in fact, what we encourage in our sessions may be some of the most challenging work you’ve ever done—and we promise that our in-the-moment, on-the-move suggestions will have a powerful impact on you and those you lead.

There are several phases you go through on the way to reaching your goals, and mindfulness plays a key role at every stage of our program:

We start with IMPACT:
Our first session is wholly focused on the difference you want to make and WHY; this is an in-depth discussion of all the reasons it could possibly matter for you to heighten your leadership skills.

Then we move to the CLARITY phase:

  • We identify the key areas of growth relative to the demands of your environment and your goals.
  • We produce a gap analysis for each of those areas.
  • We devise and deploy an action plan for advancement.

The next phase is INSIGHT:

Our ongoing coaching sessions are highly structured around putting new tools and skills in play. It is not a theoretical conversation, but very experiential, with a high level of accountability. By stepping out and trying on new distinctions of thought, language, and behavior, you will see dramatic shifts of perception—from you and about you—in a very short time.

Having put yourself through the rigors of change and growth, you will be able to point to more powerful examples of your impact than ever before. Contact us today to apply for a free Impact Session with an IF Certified Coach to talk about your goals, challenges, and needs, and see if we can help.